Each month I published the school lunches sumup. See September October and November. This is gonna be the last post with pictures from school lunch. Two months put together because we had 2 weeks off in December and January we even had less days we had lunch at school. I’m not in the mood to rate the meal, mostly because I can hardly remember but enjoy the view + comments anyway.

The "carrot" puree was maybe 10% carrot 90% potato. What a shame.

A steak with cream sauce! whoohoo!!

Very good dessert with chocolate mousse and chocolate cake in the middle

When the main course looked bad I had this funny meal of salad, cheese and desserts

Pear in chocolate sauce

The flan, I had a very bad one and a very good one but I believe this was the good one

Chicken skewered with couscous, I had better but it was nice for a change!

Cool lunch with this creamed sea-food plate and black lentils. also the best roll of bread and carameled choux for dessert

For Christmas we were spoiled with a foie gras for entree (no salad this day) which was a huge portion, we split it between three girls and still left some

And a scallop and other sea-food creamed with some flat beans & mushrooms

We also got a bonbon and the cake was great

Back to normal the next day

Some very rare meat and orange soup

That was pretty good but was hard to get it in the pic - salmon with almond crust. I would have this in a restaurant

And the pear this day came in a puddle of creme anglaise and rosted almonds

Worst dish of the month - slices of bread and ham with bechamel sauce and cheese. Pretty nasty.

My last meal in the cafeteria was this chicken leg and soup. The chicken was not dry so it was a happy ending!

Goodbye Cafeteria I will sure miss you…


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  1. Nachman says:

    we will miss the cafeteria too… and we never ate there. go figure.

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