I got a short visit from Shy two weekends ago and we made a tour around the quarter to find a nice place to eat on a Saturday evening. It wasn’t easy with Shy’s nutrition restrictions of not eating fish and seafood and other things that didn’t sound right (foie gras for instant). We ended up sitting in Bernard du 15. They have a ‘menu du jour’ for 18 euro and another menu for 33 euro. We took one of each.


Choosing the wine

The wine we got was a dry muscadet

Leeks, champignons and vinaigrette, pretty simple entree but suitable for vegetables enthusiastics

Crepe with rillette de canard (duck meat minced and cooked slowly in duck fat). The crepe was a bit dry but the rillette was nice. Shy didn't care for it at all.

Meat with sauce and mushrooms, was simple but a well cooked steak.

Filet de pintade aux herbes fraiches (guinia fowl with fresh herbs), was a bit overcooked and not that interesting.

Potatoes with the main courses, we asked for ketchup and mustard because it came without anything

Poached pear with spices


Was tasty but very straight forward, nothing special

For me the menu de jour was better value with the crepe, beef with mushrooms and pear. The other menu was a bit too expensive for what we got. It was all very simple but not made extremely well. Oh well, who said it’s easy to find a good value french restaurant in Paris?

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4 Responses to Bernard Du 15

  1. Nacho says:

    What’s (other) food that doesn’t sound right?

    • Mashav says:

      Shy doesn’t like many things for unknown reasons (spoiled at childhood) but even sweets he wouldn’t eat (I ate most of the two dessert). And when we passed by other restaurants’ menus we were looking for a place with something he will be willing to eat, which is the opposite of me, I would eat anything, preferably well made. :>

  2. Nacho says:

    LOL. I have a lot of trouble understanding people with such constraints. I can more easily understand people with religious dietary restrictions (although I strongly disagree with most of them) than people with very restrictive tastes.

  3. Nachman says:

    so… who is the most fun to go out eating with???

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