I hadn’t missed the opportunity to check out Jadis, not so far from my place in the 15th district, holding a Bib gourmand smiling face in the guide Michelin and took Rob from my Ferrandi class as a stagiaire.

This book laying around besides me could have been telling the story about Monsieur Jadis but it was in French so it was sufficient to just read some words of the back cover

We reserved a place for the latest possible lunch seating, 2pm. The restaurant had around 30 covers (sittings) and by that time the place was about half way full, although it was lunchtime in the weekday. Good sign. The restaurant is very modestly decorated and designed, which made me feel more comfortable than fancy decorated restaurants. The waiter, however, did not make me feel comfortable. Don’t know why exactly, but for some reason I felt he was a bit hostile, maybe because we reserved a table for 2pm which is a bit late for this kind of places. Fortunately with the meal proceeding this feeling faded away.

The bar and above, the wine glass kittens 😛

Laid back atmosphere of the place

We took  one entree and plate from the lunch menu (26 euro together)

And one a la carte menu for 36 euro

The menu was long and so many things we could choose from, it was hard to choose!


Pascaline de saint jacques et chataignes pousses d’epinards

Which is scallops and chestnuts on a creamy puree of something with spinach cream on top. 

 Was really interesting and delicious entree! I could eat ten of these, it was yummy.

Oeuf cocotte, creme de romaine, poutargue de bar maison et lichettes de thon fumes

Egg cocotte, cream of Roman lettuce, smoked tuna.

The egg was nicely cooked with a moussy texture of the yolk, went nicely with the sour bread we were given.



Merlan juste raidi , avocats et endives

Marlen fish, avocado, endives.

The Marlen fish was cooked just until stiffened and was nice but not my favorite fish. I’m not sure what’s the green puree that came with it. The red endives were tasty and also came with a side dish of endive and avocado salad

The main course of the more expensive menu came in two parts. This is the side of Carrot, raisins et citrons confits, une feuille de datte. 

The other plate of Cochon de lait roti – suckling pig roasted with two different sauces.

Very colorful side view of the baby pig

That dish was excellent, the pork cooked just right with a crunchy fat covering juicy meaty flesh. The sauces were amazing, one was butter sauce and the other was a red fruit sauce, not sure exactly but it was a great combination. Why couldn’t it all be plated in the same plate? It was weird getting the pork on the side as if it was the side potatoes or something.

Finished plate


For dessert I took the longest description dish of: Perles du Japon comme un riz au lait a la coco, vrai faux lychees, mousseline cassis, biscuit au the vert et glace royale. Jelly of lychee, cream of green tea and a biscuit, mousse of black current, thin crusty merengue. 

Also came in two parts: this was the tapioca with coconut milk

The dessert was another amazing dish. All the textures and flavors really hit the spot. Not too heavy but refreshing and intriguing.

With the coffee we got these fun sugar-candies to sweeten

The bill with a weight – nice touch

All in all, very good experience at Jadis. From what we’ve tried it seems that the a la carte menu is better than the lunch menu but it too has the advantage of being lighter and more economic. Feels like there’s a lot to come back for, we have so many more dishes to try here. Good job Rob!

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6 Responses to Jadis

  1. The food looks amazing. Have you ever been to chartier? It’s meant to be really nice

  2. No I haven’t. Looks like a classic french restaurant, we can absolutely check it out together! X

  3. I just saw some pictures of this restaurant and I think I saw it from outside, looks so anciently amazing like dinning in another century. we have to go!

  4. Shane says:

    You didn’t order souffle a la minute?

    • Mashav says:

      hahaha funny you mentioned it, i was going to but saw it was in the a la carte menu and we already took the menu that includes dessert. When ordering I felt a lot of pressure to be fast because we were already “so late” that I haven’t even have time to read everything… it’s a long menu, one needs time! Next time i’ll go just for the souffle for rob’s sake

  5. Nachman says:

    wow – looks great!

    what is the – une feuille de datte? is it like a “leder” of dates instead of apricots?

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