In a big delay I’m posting some older captures of nibbles in the last month.

Last few lunch breaks with Shane:

Beauthé, salon de bubble tea , 32, rue poissonniere 75002

This place looked nice but I asked for a coffee flavored bubble tea and it didn’t taste like coffee at all.

Hot Bubble Tea in a mug, too bad because the bubbles can't be seen.

Another nice cheep place to sit down comfortably for two hours no interruptions, next to the metro Reumur Sebastopol on rue Reumur.

Salmon Panini with a drink for 5 euro

Shane brought a cake he backed and we're eating it there

Another place was this crepe place also on rue Reumur, we just checked everything around there..

They were nice brought us 4 different sauces

We asked for the crepe to be made fresh but still didn't feel that fresh for some reason

The Mac-cafe option + food from home

Some bites with Mom:

Mont d'Or season was in a peak so we bought one, a good one!

Chinese restaurant dish #1

Dish #2: shrimp salt and pepper

Eric Kayser coffee break with the raspberry tart



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  1. Nachman says:

    what is the “Mont d’Or season”?

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