“Pasco” is a rather large restaurant located in the 7th district close to the Eiffel tower, so it’s a bit of a touristic place but I noticed it was in “the book” (my bible – guide Michelin) and many positive responses in the web so we had reservations. The place was pretty empty if you consider its size but it could be due to this school holiday going on these days that changes things around town in a way I tried but still couldn’t understand exactly. The deco is elegant but rustic, old fashion renovated feeling. The service was warm and attentive.

We took one special shellfish menu

And another entree+plat for 22 euro menu

For the special menu: Open ravioles with langoustines, avocado and artichokes

The best dish of the evening in my opinion

It was a nice entree, the ravioli dough was sticky but had something tasty going on inside there. It was also lovely presented.

For the daily menu: Carpaccio of raw fennel, green lentils salad and smoked haddock.

Was dressed with two sauces one was mustard sauce that I really liked and the other was some kind of vinaigrette

This was another very nice dish, the smoked fish was great, the salad was maybe a bit too large but the flavors were there. My favorite was the mustard sauce here.

Main courses:

Special menu: Cabillaud fish steamed with basilic and honey, curry polenta

This was a nice dish, we didn’t care for the olives which tasted like low quality olives. The fish was well cooked and the polenta towers were really interesting. A very big portion as well, we couldn’t finish!

Daily menu: Grilled Entrecote, vegetables and romanesco cabbage

Oh well, that was the least successful dish. The steak was not amazing and cut too thin. The vegetables were very tasty (butter and garlic) and saved it.

For dessert:

Supreme of citrus (orange and grapefruit), lemoncello and lime cream, crunchy filo

The dessert was light and refreshing, nothing too fancy or exciting either.

Mom also liked the wine that was suggested to her in a glass – Bordeaux Château Victoria. Horay!

This dinner had the entrees as the highlights and the daily menu main course as the downfall. Everything was nice, but just nice.

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3 Responses to Pasco

  1. Shane says:

    That is not a dessert! That is a fruit tostada

  2. Nachman says:

    What is this “open raviolis”? if it isn’t stuffed – it isn’t ravioli! – or am i missing something?

    the curry polenta is a great idea – but then again anything with curry is a great idea in my book…

    • Mashav says:

      The “open ravioli” concept is weird but it’s not the first time I come across this. The explanation I gave to myself is that in the same way lasana is not pasta with sauce, because of its arrangement, so the open ravioli is the same shape of ravioli and with a filling but without actually closing the two pages of pasta together. Or in other words: I have no idea. Searching this term in google images brings a lot of pictures of pages of pasta different shapes with a filling between the layers.

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