Some of lately interesting eating out sessions, to be followed by a cooking at home (and eating as well) matching post tomorrow.


Family in Paris, Rotem with the pink crevettes, I only peeled two and all the rest were done by Neta and Laly.

Steak tartar, one of the dishes you can not forget when you visit Paris

And a piece of Foie Gras in a block

Pear tart with chocolate sauce

Meat and cheese fondue dinner, this is the meat plate

Dropped into the boiling oil

The cheese Fondue

Eating a grilled chicken in my apartment, I had 5 people at once in my studio, I think that's a record!

Ordering a take out from the Feyrouz shawarma place in front of my place, I got this as the student deal for 6.5 euro

Was not bad compared to shawarma in Paris which is awful usually. I was begging for some pickles so I got some but it took a bunch of tears. Hummus? Not as part of the sandwich. Weird!

I didn't eat the roast duck, next time when someone joins me to my (now too often) grocery shopping in China town, I will definitely try to convince to go for that one

It was raining and my favorite store "Paris Store" was closed! What a shame!

Luckily the next door supermarket was open, I found this huge asparagus thing

Asparagus woa son

Huge bags of Chinese sprouts, I got the smallest one and couldn't finish it before it went bad

A really big bag of fried dried onions

Some funny things I bumped into

Of course, the frozen Tom Yum mix

And the Chinese kitchen tools store with some cool bargains

Go for the "Kiwi knife", I love it and it's so inexpensive!

This time I got a new turning knife

Went to eat Pho though it wasn't the official lunch time I managed to find a place open

Was excellent, I came out of there warm and filled with liquids

Why no Pho shop near my place??

Some of the shoppings I came back with

Assortment of mochi balls, love this shit


I got the Longan as usual but this time they were not that fresh, Paris store has to be open next time

I eat them like Pitzuhim in front of the TV


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  2. Nachman says:

    the Pear tart looks like a candle – cute!

    was the hot oil fondue a “Bagna càuda”?

    there is no such thing as “too often” when it comes to china town shopping… (ancient Chinese saying. or was it a fortune cookie?)

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