Three months after school was over, we have officially finished our obligations for the school and eligible to get our Diploma.  The diploma ceremony and cocktail party took place last Friday at school. Everyone showed up from all around and it was very emotional. We all met in the library to sign the cards for our chef’s presents, then went up to the first floor restaurant. It was a very formal ceremony, everyone were dressed really nice and many graduates brought their family and friends. There was a very short speech part, then the diplomas were handed out. We all brought our school Jackets to take group photos and took many many pictures with everyone. Then proceed to the drinking champagne and eat some snacks part of the evening. We brought the Anglo A present to Sebastien (Unfortunately Antoine was out of town). When the lights were turned off on us we got the hint that the party is over and went on to celebrate outside. It was a very fun evening!

School director speaking

Anglo A in the front rows

Adrienne is talking on behalf of Antoine

Pastry students got their diploma

Our wine and charcuterie teachers showed up

Very weird speeches by our Chefs

Anglo A receiving their diplomas



Taking a picture of the guests taking pictures

Got a little bit carried away?

Group photo!

Some appetizers

Nothing very interesting

mini quiche were the best option

It's never too early for champagne

Shane, why are you leaving Paris?

Girls love to drink wine!

Andreea came from Romania for the graduation!


Chef Sebastien opening our presents

Looks like he's happy with it


Thank you Claire and Rob for making the present


Hard to get all Anglo A together...

My present to chef Sebastien was a small can opener. Believe it or not, whenever we needed it he didn't have one and we had to ridiculously open a can of tomato paste with a huge industrial can opener.

So, that's it, I'm a proud graduate

Back to work!

Thank you Ferrandi. Best cuisine school in the world!

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4 Responses to Graduation Day

  1. Ema Irit says:

    We LOVE U MASHAV !!!! נכין חולצה מתאימה לאירוע לכולם

  2. Dimitris says:

    Ca fait un an que je te suis. Silencieux. Bonne vie. Et pas parce que t’as eu ce diplome. Tu le merites depuis un bout de temps.

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