How am I doing these days? The last few days I am working in yet another different restaurant, just for the week. It’s a small restaurant, 1 star Michelin, etc… is the name of the place. . It’s sort of Ledoyen’s little sister restaurant also owned by Chef Le-Squer. The staff is very nice and there’s a good atmosphere in the kitchen. The thing is, there’s not a lot to be done so I don’t feel useful enough. The French barrier and just getting to know the new kitchen makes me feel even less useful. Also they don’t really need the help of the stagieires in the dinner service so we are both free for the evening, which feels weird but also kinda nice to be home early. I have no pictures from there, didn’t feel comfortable to take any, but I do come home and write whatever I see and do so that I can remember all the ideas.

I got some more random pictures from the last month: working in the reception kitchen at Ledoyen’s.

Making the farce fine: 50/50 raw chicken breast and liquid cream

Passed through a tamis, which took a while

Game meat jus, in the big satuese

This is how it's been strained, I thought it was cool.

"Cutting 1.7 kg of cornichones to little squares" day

Choux, foie gras and granny smith apples

Fish for the dairy meal Bar-mitzva

So much asparagus everywhere now!

One morning in the patisserie, got to make some crispy brown rice cookies!



Good days at the cafeteria

Crab meat, once again confirm there's no small shells

Little tiny holes of radishes

Cutting the tongue for the mille-feuille of meat

Rolling a langustine in kada'aif for the gastro kitchen, best langustine I ever tasted (raw)!!

Leftover from dinner in the reception, a fish barely cooked with a truffle-parmesan crisp and sour-cream sauce. So good!!

Another leftover for me to taste - a spaghetti mold filled with asparagus and asparagus cream

An inside look

Organizing and cleaning at the end of each day

Crab salad, yuzu jelly and radishes

Entricote in soy marinade

Dijon mustard with grains

Foie Gras a la Passion with crispy pain d'epice. Notice the amazingly put passion fruit seed on top. That was me.

Got my first love letter in French, left for me in the kitchen.

Flowers, spring time, everything is pretty now.

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2 Responses to Pictures From The Last Month

  1. Nachman says:

    the placement of the passion seed is just magnificent! keep it up…

    but seriously, what is the dumbest thing you were asked to do and in what restaurant was it?

  2. […] to another pretty often. Most of the time these couple of weeks I’ve been working in “etc…” but whenever I’m needed I am sent back to Ledoyen. Things have gotten better in etc. […]

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