Today was a weird day. Since yesterday I have a cold or something, probably from working in the garde manger all day freezing from the chilling wind. Everything seemed harder in the physical aspect. We had five different events of about 20-30 people, each with a different menu. But the harder thing was the language barrier again. It keeps being a major issue: slowing me, keeping me behind all the rest. Chef Chevrou, the stressed one I already mentioned, kinda given up on me. He doesn’t like to try to explain to me so he just gives me the same things to do every day, things he’s sure I know already how. And yet he is still mad when it takes me a while to understand what he’s asking. This is getting me very frustrated. You have to understand, my French is not that bad, I got a lot better and native speakers would be surprised I’m only in France for 7 months. Still most people will try to lower their language level for me, speak slower, repeat in other words that I might understand. None of the above is used by Chef Chevrou, just mumbles something and leaves the room. Then I have to memorize the seemingly most important word or two and go around the kitchen ask what’s “parures” and of course I pronounce it wrong so everything takes more time. It’s like I’m learning the language as a toddler absorbs a new language, just understanding from context. The Chapelure is just Chapelure for me like the Raclette is what it is, after few times I was asked for it, now I know what it is. There’s also all these kitchen stuff that has no special word in English or in Hebrew so I learn the names of all the different types of bowls for instance.

Another matter is a French guy that arrived as a commis two weeks after me and immediately started bossing me around and annoying me with his constant restlessness and redundant actions and commandments. Fortunately I can’t understand most of what he’s saying as he speaks so fast and to himself sometimes so I just try to ignore him as much as possible. Gladly I have Connet and another new stagieire Larisa which help me understand what’s going on. Rest of the people are really nice and funny.

And for some pictures now…


Connet rolling the Rosemary dough


I'm putting doruere (egg wash), in this case, pure egg yolks


Which comes like that, in what seems to be a milk carton, its actually a yolk carton


Just 59 yolks in this carton



cutting out circles




Larisa Plating the Foie Gras entree with jelly and truffle



I took the picture before the toast was put on the plate..


I have to get some sleep, as you must know already the hardest part of the day for me is waking up (on 6:50 am!!). A demain!


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2 Responses to Thrown To The Language Deep Water and Pictures Of The Day

  1. Nachman says:

    I understand that the Chapoure is just Chapoure – but what is Chapoure? or is it Chapelure?

    • Mashav says:

      yes, good to have a human spell checker, i was so tired as i am now so thanks and goodnight!

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