Last week at work I tasted the Guacamole when I made it for the crab and avocado dish and it made me crave for Mexican food. I heard this place called Candelaria is nice so I called Reut and Nadav for a late rainy Saturday afternoon lunch. They were so spontaneous, we met there 30 minutes later.

The side window

Main entrance, looks casual and cute

Soda and pineapples

I thought that's it, one table and a bar around the tiny kitchen. Which is cool

The cook posing

The rest of the open kitchen and bar


The menu written on a chalk board, very limited selection. Nadav was extra excited to speak Spanish to the waitress, he ordered for all of us one of each of everything (without the brunch)

The tostadas in the making, on the plancha

As soon as we got in we were invited to the back room which turn out to be a chiq bar

One of each Mexican beers as well, What can I say, I prefer Belgian beer.

The mild and extra hot sauces on the table, together with the napkins and silverware.

Our plates of snacks came fast, frijoles and guacamole, with fresh fried home made nachos.

The black beans had good consistency but lacked salt

Also the guacamole was under-seasoned and under spicy for my taste, but the nachos were fresh and great. We asked for salt

Our tostadas plate, colorful and crunchy: one with beans, melted cheese and cactus, the other with fresh cheese, red cabbage and cilantro. They were both very good as long as the home-made yellow pepper sauce was added generously to every bite.

The freshly baked tacos of the house came, two with a spicy sausage and the other with mushrooms. The meat with the lime and yellow chilly sauce was very good, none of us was amazed with the mushrooms taco but it was gone very fast as well

The problem - eating Mexican is very messy, and the coffee tables made it harder

Our second order of the tostadas - the cactus finally found a place it can fit into

Nadav, Reut and the mess.

It was a challenge for all of us...

But we left nothing on the plate

For dessert: chilly and black beans brownie

It was perfect

Leaving with our tummies full

This was my first “Mexican-French” experience. It was fun, interesting dishes and very nice place with homely ambiance. I’m pretty sure they mild down the spiciness for the French taste which is a shame because everything basically needed this extra spice to it. The salt mistake was hopefully a one-time thing. Nadav was joking, saying he will write about the salt incident in his review, but I wasn’t joking, I did. Ended up at 17 euro each.

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7 Responses to Candelaria – We’ll Have One Of Each

  1. shane says:

    So Frenchified. But they have Valentina’s Hot Sauce on the Table which is a direct import from Mexico, and probably the best touch in my opinion.

  2. Doda Lally says:

    Now I crave for mexican food:)

  3. Ema Irit says:

    הצבעוניות של המנות עם הכלים היפים מאוד מיוחד ביחס לארוחות הצרפתיות…

  4. Nachman says:

    I’ll have one of each too please…

  5. kelly says:

    What about the restau’s adress?

    • Mashav says:

      Hi Kelly
      The missing details:

      Address: 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris, France
      Phone:+33 1 42 74 41 28


  6. […] wall of spicy sauce is nice touch thought. It was 8.5 euro. In this price I think you better go to Candelaria which is at least interesting and home made at the same […]

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