It’s about time for me to tell you about my visit to Au Passage. I visited two times in the same week, and I’m glad I did. It allowed me to understand the whole concept of the place, a concept I adore.

Au Passage is yet another tiny place, located in the 11th district which seems to be filling with these little bistros-gastronomic.

I met Rob, Ihsuan and her friend Winnie there for the latest lunch possible around 14:00.

Tucked away in this “alley” type passages, in other words: not your beautiful Parisian passages. Nonetheless, beautiful front mosaic wall.

inside, simple wooden bar-bistro atmosphere.

Furniture seems to be collected from here and there, as farthest as possible from being presumptuous.

Some funny postcards are the “decor”

The daily lunch menu is based on a 4 course meal. There’s a different menu every day but no room for a choice between different options. The costumer is only free to choose how much he wants to eat. 19.50 euro for all four courses, 10 euro for just the main course or 13.50 and 17 euro for any other combination. You can choose the protein for the main course out of two options. We had a white fish merlu or veal. I took the whole four courses menu of course!

In Short: E + P + F + D: 19.5 euro

It was extremely warm and sticky afternoon so we all had a refreshing draft beer instead of wine

The bread, good quality but could be fresher. Maybe it was carved earlier that afternoon with the beginning of lunch service.

Entrée: Bouillon fumé de thon
Smoked tuna bouillon with raw black and red radishes and rocket

That was definitely a weird dish. I did not get it. A piece of fish was missing or something to make it feel more than just flavored water with radish. Too bad.

Plat:  Merlu / Carrot / Poireaux / Buratta
Hake / Carrot / Leek / Buratta


The same but with Noix de veau (tender veal)

I loved this main course in its two versions. First of all, the veal and the fish were both cooked properly. The leek and the white carrot were both dry grilled but still soft inside. There was a tart edible leaf and buratta (Italian cheese) cream sauce, not too much of it, but an excellent sauce to match with either protein.

With the main course we received to the middle of the table a big plate of potatoes. The potatoes, as simple as they are, were excellent, perfectly cooked with smokey olive oil, chopped chives and rock salt. Made us forget all about the first course stumble.

Ishuan and Winnie with five empty plates

Winnie, a potato lover, had the last bite and was very pleased as were we

For Framage we had a Crottin, a type of young goat cheese with olive oil and a dark sweet tart paste we tried to guess what it was. We guessed it was fig and balsamic paste but turns out we were completely wrong, it was something with raisins.

Dessert: Fruit rouge, creme de feuille de figue
Red fruit, cream of fig leaf
Very simple dessert, fresh and light. Suitable for a four course lunch.

We kept sitting there talking for ages. Everyone already left for their break, the kitchen closed but it was relaxed and comfortable. No one rushed us out.

The bill, for less than 20 euro 4 course meal – great barging!

To sum it up, nice casual meal, good value in a relaxed atmosphere. The main course really made this lunch successful. Seems like the chef is having fun in the kitchen, and the diners are having fun in the dinning room. Everyone is happy.

Next chapter will be Au Passage – by night. Stay tuned.

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