Besides all the street food I saw and tried in London, I had some normal meals, sit-down style. I was not prepared to go to some really nice restaurants (need some more research) but I had some nice meals and Ben took me to his favorite dim-sum place. Here we go:

Byron supposed to be one of the best burgers in London

Diner style but with an open kitchen. We sat down outside, it was sunny, a rare occasion in London.

The burger section of the menu. There’s some other stuff but you’re not supposed to get them when you go to Byron.

Mexican hot sauce on the table. Don’t worry, it’s mild.

Ben, already experienced, took the Byron burger but asked to switch the cheddar with blue cheese. Also comes with bacon of course.

I took the avocado burger with bacon

Came with a gherkin and fries. Drinks are extra.

Ha ha I love this pic!

The waiters go around with a Tshirt saying “Medium” in big letters. Byron, as they explain, suggest to have their burgers in the medium cooking degree. I agreed to the suggestion and this is what I got. Does this looks medium to you?

The good: the buns were fresh, the bacon was crispy, the gherkin was a nice touch. The less good: the fries were too thin for my taste – I prefer the fat version with some potato inside; the cooking degree was not right for me, coming from France, I guess I should have asked for a rare burger to get a succulent patty; with a soft drink and service charge it came up to 15 pounds, a bit pricey for this kind of meal I suppose.  Also, Ben won, blue cheese takes avocado.

One night we bought groceries and cooked our own dinner. This is what we’ve done:


Some salmon and scallops

Baby carrot cooking in butter and pineapple juice

Bacon and spring onions on the electric griller

Crispy skin salmon with bacon, seared scallops and grilled spring onions

Baby carrots glazed with pineapple and ginger

The dim sum restaurant:

Ben’s asking for his usual (make it a double)

Chinese styling to the place, similar to a dim sum restaurant in China but looks a bit better.

Jasmine tea seems appropriate

Soy, sriracha and chili oil on the table

Roast pork puff

Sweet puff dough, baked, with sweet pork inside

Prawn Cheung Fun, which is rice flour dough filled with little shrimps

Shanghai pork dumplings – wheat dumpling filled with pork and its stock. Ben showed me the steps to eat this special dumpling.

First put the dumpling on the spoon and catch gently with the chopsticks

Take a small bite off the dumpling to allow the pork stock to drain into the spoon

Drink the spoonful of soup

Put back the dumpling on the spoon and add sriracha sauce (chinese mild hot sauce) and / or chili oil

Last bite

Prawn and chives dumpling

Classic one

Roast pork bun

Sweet sticky pork inside the steamed bun. hmmmmm

Soaked in soy sauce

Our table during the meal

Turnip cake, my new favorite.

For dessert (although was one of the first dishes to arrive at our table): Milk and egg tart, which is the chinese creme brulee but more eggy

The bill

Overall a very nice experience in a more authentic Chinese Dim Sum restaurant. I always prefer small little bites of different flavors to one big dish of something. I love Dim Sum.

We went for a second dessert after making some room in the belly. Yogurt ice-cream with fresh fruits and toppings

Ben’s favorite combination

That same evening we went to a family dinner in an Asian restaurant. This is the green curry

Kung Pao chicken


To try out a bit of the Indian cuisine I went for lunch at the most recommended Indian place close to where I was that day.

Sagar, a vegetarian restaurant. I don’t mind because I’m a vegetarian as well as being a carnivore.

The menu

Very Indian decor

Appetizer: papadum with mint and lemon chutneys

I like chutneys.

The meal composed of rice and indian bread with dal (lentil stew), cashew and vegetables curry, potatoes in spices and yogurt.

The cashew was the best but overall not bad

Indian is always a colorful meal!

For dessert, Payasam: hot pudding made with vermicelli, sugar, milk, cashew nuts and raisins

Last meal before leaving we went to the exotic meats burger stand “Tuckers”

Selection between: buffalo, ostrich, kangaroo, springbok, wildebeest, zebra and wild boar burger.

We took one buffalo and one wildebeest.

The wedges were the way I like it. Instead of ketchup and mayo sauce we had homemade relish and English mustard.

Trying to be creative inside the brown bun – we had cheddar cheese, caramelized red onions and wild rocket. Seems like not enough of any of these.

So we asked for more sauces.

Very colorful. Maybe I overdid the mustard. The meat itself did not taste that special. I think we can go back to beef.

Bye bye London! I’m going back to steak tartar..

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