I owe an apology to anyone who expected to read posts about Tel-Aviv since now. You will have to wait till next post.

I collected the last pictures of meals I cooked in my little studio in Paris. It was a while ago but I guess still worth mentioning.


Whole chicken roasted à la plancha 

How to roast a whole chicken without an oven…?

On the plancha like BBQ.

Zucchini on the side

Quinoa to go with

I covered the chicken in and out with Chinese “five-spice”

The problem with no oven is to cook it through, so after caramelizing all around I opened it in the middle, took out the carcass and put it back on the plancha

The carcass (middle body bones) beside the open face chicken

Removing the breasts before the rest of the chicken, so that it won’t get dry

A well balanced healthy meal but delicious. Hmm


Vegetarian mushroom and tofu stir-fry: 

This is some weird thing I invented. Vegetarian stir-fry with radishes, mushrooms and tofu.

I start with onions, as usual

The thin slices of radishes

Add in cubes of tofu

Soaked some beefy Chinese dried mushrooms in boiled water for about ten minutes to revive them.

Everything together with some garlic chilly and stuff like that

The result..

A bit too baldy, needs an improvement round.

Sweet soy tofu

I tried to recreate my friend Ihsuan’s dish of soy sauce sweet tofu. I used hard tofu for that.

Put it in a pot with soy oil and sugar to cover

And left on the stove to cook

I saved the liquids and took out the tofu – it got beautiful brownish

Slicing it shows the white on the inside

It was good but not exactly like Ihsuan’s! I think she used a different kind of tofu which is hard to get. I skimmed the cooking liquids from the fat and used it as a sauce for caramel pork 

 Leftovers Shakshuka

I had some sauce leftover from the Chraime that I cooked for my Moroccan friends and I decided to turn it into a shakshuka

I just reheated it in a pan with some parsley and broke an egg into the boiling sauce

Ready when the yolk is still runny

Must eat with a fresh baguette. Was spicy but very good.

Fig prosciutto and goat cheese crêpes:

I bought some good stuff the day I left my studio just to spoil myself in this sad day

Fried some crêpes to fill with all this goodness: Fig, prosciutto and soft goat cheese

On top a fresh mix of mâche and rocket leaves dressed with some balsamic vinegar

This combination was delightful!

Now I promise the next post is gonna be a Tel-Avivian one. Stay tuned.

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