One very special establishment in Tel-Aviv is Thai House, one of few last authentic Asian restaurants in Israel and definitely the only real Thai restaurant. Actually they keep a two-part menu – the “not spicy noodles and wok” part for the mild audience and the more interesting spicy sector kept for Thai savvies. I heard the not spicy noodles and wok dishes are good as well (someone even said it’s the best Phad Thai in town) but we didn’t waste tummy room for these dishes.

Placed on the corner of Bugrashov and Ben Yehuda streets, It’s perfect for a meal after enjoying the sunset on the nearby beach. This is what we did and it did not disappoint!

Atmosphere: simple, nothing too much, dark and comfy. Service was smiley and professional, not too naggy. 


It was hard to choose, the menu had so many things we wanted to try and some daily specials as well.

Calamari Salad “YAM PLA-MUK” 
Calamari, fresh chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, fan mushrooms, onion & coriander (slightly hot), with the coriander on the side because Barak is one of these “anti-coriander” people. (36 NIS)
It was an okay dish, not my favorite. My mom loved it but I thought it was too tart.

Sauteed in flame with Brown bean sauce, garlic and chili peppers (slightly hot) with pork (64 NIS).
This was an excellent dish, I love these greens with garlic and the pork belly matched perfectly.

Beef Stew in Red Curry “GAENG NO MAI NEUA”
Coconut milk stew dish with beef slices, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, basil leaves & lime leaves, spiced with red curry (hot) (70 nis)
Was a very good coconut curry, very hot indeed, but heart warming.

Traditional “I-San” Style Dish “NAAM TUK NEUA”
beef, roasted and sliced, spiced with mint leaves, red onion, coriander, dry crushed chikkies & lime juice. Served at room temperature (68 NIS).
The waitresses warned us several times that this dish is spicy and we can ask to reduce the spicyness but we wanted it as is. It was a very good dish with a good quality beef. Very hot but like the kind of pain you bag for more.

The rice is very needed. Everything was quit spicy.

Chopped Beef with “Kapaho” “PHAD KAPAHO KAI DAO”
Coarsely chopped beef flavored with Thai herb, kapaho /basil leaves, onions, garlic & hot chili peppers (62 NIS)
We were already very full but this dish was so good (and so spicy). I think it ended up being out favorite of the meal.

Chilled Coconuts Milk & Tapioca Pearls “NAAM-KAENG SAI”
Coconut milk punch with Tapioca pearls and fruits, topped with crushed ice (20 NIS)
The dessert was the weak point of this meal. Only three choices and we took the tapioca which was the one recommended by the waitress. It was boring. I had better versions of this and the tapioca wasn’t cooked perfectly.

Overall it was a great meal. I’m glad to see there are still a handful of places which don’t compromise their quality and authenticity  while keeping pricing reasonable. Will definitely come back for more, next time the dessert will take place in one of the ice-cream places on Ben Yehuda street.

Thai House

8 Bugrashov street, Tel-Aviv


(Order in advance)

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