Hi! This is me. My name is Mashav Shelef. I'm a cook, foodie, professional eater, writer, blogger ,photographer, restaurant critic, traveler, Tel Avivian. Want to see some more about me? Click on the picture.

Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris

This is how it all started. This part is all about how I decided to leave everything in Israel and head for a year in Paris to attend one of the best culinary schools. Going to this new adventure in Paris I started documenting my day to day life in a blog which then became this website. Here you will find everything about my Parisian experience: starting a new life in Paris, learning French, Ferrandi culinary school, working as a stagiaire in restaurants in Paris, eating out and reviewing restaurants, cooking in my tiny 13 m studio, dinner parties with friends and food events in the city.

Restaurant Reviews

With over 200 restaurants reviews all together, this section is for all you people trying to find the best place to eat out in Tel Aviv or in Paris. I’m unbiased, writing honestly about the full experience I got from dinning such as: atmosphere, service, products quality, creativity and execution. All reviews are equipped with pictures I took myself, remarks and rating for the different categories. Finally you can see the total score together with essential information about the place. There’s also the Top Ten lists which are a cool way to quickly find a place to eat, and soon to come – the big restaurants table.

20 Random Facts About me