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You probably have many questions about the culinary school I attended, especially if you’re thinking about it yourself. This is a collection of post from my blog I believe will answer most of your questions.

Why Ferrandi?

Part 1 and part 2 posts about how I chose the school to attend in Paris.

What are the main concerns? 

My fears of Culinary school and retrospective thoughts.

Looking for apartment in Paris?

About how I found my place part 1 and part 2

Cooking school in a daily basis:

First day in culinary school

After one month in Ferrandi

Thoughts about Ferrandi after five months in the program.

Internship stuff:

A day in the life in my first internship

Thoughts about switching to a new restaurant for a second internship

Working in the reception kitchen of Ledoyen, a 3 star Michelin restaurant: herehere and there.

About the difficulties working in French.

Working in Etc..,a 1 star Michelin restaurant. Read here and there

Finishing my Internship 

Do I get paid to write the reviews?

No. All the restaurants reviewed here are fully paid for, unless otherwise is specifically stated.

How does the rating works?

Read all about my rating system here.

I found an error or mistake in a review, or some information is updated.

I would appreciate it if you  and let me know!

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