Rating System

For the full explanation of how the rating is done

When you go out to eat in a restaurant there are many elements that contribute to your total experience: cause you to leave happy and uplifted or annoyed and disappointed or anything in-between. and the likeliness you’ll recommend this place to your friends. Often these elements are internal (your mood that day) and subjective (your personal odd preferences)  and the rest tend to mix up and mash together. When I go to a restaurant I try to pay attention to the different criteria that I think most matters as well as the overall experience. I came up with my own rating system to tell you all in one last line what is my verdict of a place. It’s about time isn’t it?

  • A restaurant can score up to 10 points in Food related criteria and 10 points in Atmosphere related criteria as followed:



Max Points



Products Quality 3
Creativity 2
Execution 3
Presentation 2

Total Food


Value For Money 4
Ambiance 2
Decor 1
Service 2
Wine List 1

Total Atmosphere 




  • If a Restaurant gets top scores in the Food category it will receive Chef Knifes  as follows:

8 points =   Yummy!
9 points =   Quality Food!
10 points =   Culinary Experts!


  • If a Restaurant gets top scores in the  Atmosphere  category it will receive Wine Glasses  as follows:

8 points =   Good Vibe!

9 points =   Excellent Feeling!

10 points =  We Can Sit Here All Night!


  • These points add up to a Total Experience scores. Top scores restaurants will receive Silverware  as followed:

14-16 points =  Safe Bet

17-18 points =  Good Choice!

19-20 points =   Perfect!


  • Don’t Miss! A restaurant can get a Fish     when it’s a great experience even though it didn’t score enough for a Knife or a Wine glass.


  • Quick Snacks are rated only in a scale of 0-3  Burgers:
    • Avoid anyway = 
    • Go if you’re  drunk/starving = 
    • Go if you’re around = 
    • Go anyway! = 




The Bun דה באן

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Type: Asian, Bar

Romantic? No Fancy? No Reservations?  No

Price (Full meal per person): 50-100 ILS  

 Safe Bet!

Excellent Feeling!

SCORE (16/20): 

Products quality (3/3) —  Creativity (1/2)  —  Execution (2/3)  —  Presentation (1/2)

Value for money (4/4)  —  Ambiance (2/2)  —  Decor (1/1)  —  Service (2/2)  —  Wine list (0/1).